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Here on this page you will find Traditional Asiatic bows manufactured by various bowyer

If you have one of these bows, please write a review about it
so that traditional archery beginners can make an educated choice when
buying a bow.

If you have got a traditional bow that is not listed
here, please send me a a photo and some description of the bow
(manufacturer of the bow, type of the bow, etc.) and I will upload it

Thank you.

horseback-archery team

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Horseback-archery.com”

  1. I purchased in 2010 a GrozerG6 avar bow26#@33″ draw. It arrived in tact from Hungray and is a beautifully crafted horse bow. It is fun to shoot with mt Grand daughter; I didn’t want a bow to hard to pul or too powerful as we intend to use the bow in renaissance or reinactment events. My Grand daughter and I have dragon scale cowls made by my son.
    The bow has brought back interest in archery and bow histroy. The bowmakeing technoloigy used and its appearance makes the bow a conversation peice as well as an investment.

    I like this website and have a new appreciation of middle eastern peoples. I wish there were some more authentic illustrations of the period clothes, military uses of the bow. I would like to see a composite drawing of the profiles of the styles of bows com0paring the shapes and propertues of the geometry.

    Beautiful bows and fun to shoot; this is a good website and would like an adjunct with more about the people and cultures. Well done.

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