Grozer Old Schytian recurve bow







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2 thoughts on “Grozer Old Schytian recurve bow”

  1. This gentleman is an experienced archer. He is accurate and depicts the velocity of the Scythian with a 50# draw. Folks I know with Asian bows at this draw poundage agree it feels like they’re only pulling 40-45 lbs. They really like the lack of stacking one has with some traditional long and recurve bows. Great video. I’m SOLD! 🙂

  2. Nice bow action with the Med draw. The bow arrears to have a smooth yet fast release. I’m thinking of getting into Asian styled shooting. Many of us mess about with the thumb rings or hardened thumb covers for Asian styled release. At the same time, a good glove or modified tab can allow a 2-fingered Med draw to not crimp the more acute angle of the bow string at the nock with an Asian bow. I really like this video because it shows the Scythian bow, although less cost, to be a really snappy intro to Asian archery. Thanks for the great video… clear, nice “themp-whack” release-impact timing!

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