Toth Hungarian Bow /Nimrod/

The Zoltan Toth Hungarian modell /Nimrod/

The decorated Hungarian bows are composite bows. They consist of 3 main parts:
The 2 end-parts, which are made out of wood (normally we use ash, cherry and pear) the hilt and the reflex-curves, which are made out of fibreglass covered by cow-leather.
At the hilt, they have a wooden plate, to make the bow’s surface smoother for the arrow.

The Toth recurve Hungarian bow

I want to see more similar Hungarian recurve bows

5 thoughts on “Toth Hungarian Bow /Nimrod/”

  1. I have the Zoltan Both Nimrod bow. Does anyone know the string length and brace height? Thank you.

  2. Hi I want to by your Nimrod bow with dark brown or black ends and dark brown or black leather cover with
    the decoration like snake line with small wheels .How much is it???? I am from Slovakia.
    hálás köszönet!

  3. March 25, 2011 at 1:44 amMeasuring your draw length by using the bow may be an acecpted way of doing it but if you think about it logically, it can’t be accurate. (awaiting flames after this statement).Your draw length should never change but using this method, it will always vary, depending on the type of bow you’re using.If you mark the arrow at the point where the arrow meets the front edge of your bow, this distance will vary greatly between a deep riser to a thin piece of hickory.

  4. I have full same shape Hungarian recurve bow just the color is white. 2 years ago buy from the, I still work very well and should not replace the string

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