2 thoughts on “Istvan Szaloky”

  1. Hello Tomislav,

    First sorry for a delay…i just now found your comment….
    We have a very strong wood arrows…
    The price is USD15/piece this type is very rarity and the arrow maker master just build for the custom made.

  2. Hello! I nead hellp! I have Hungarian
    traditonal bow 110#. I Want use a woden
    arrows, but i cudent found enough strong
    arrow. I saw on you web site that you have bows 80 # Do you have please arrow enough
    strong for bow 110#? If you have, cane youe pleas sent me malil about price of wod. Actuali I nead onli wud because I have nocks, tops and feathers. Thank you.
    Tomislav Rukavina

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