Grozer Avar recurve bows /Szittya/

The Grozer Avar recurve bows  /Schytian-Hungarian/

Traditional avar recurve bows

I want to see more similar Avar recurve bows

2 thoughts on “Grozer Avar recurve bows /Szittya/”

  1. Hi
    I really love to buy this bow.I really love it.But How can I buy it?I live in iran . please,I want this bow.

  2. I bought this bow around a month ago, I live in England so it did take quite a while for it to arrive but it was worth it in the end, normally I would say you should test the bow first but I had never shot this type of bow before, wanted one and it was so cheap compared to allot of other bows so I just got one.

    The bow shots like a dream, power, speed and light to carry, it is amazing, I normally shot a modern recurve or English long bow so stringing the bow by pulling the handle and pushing the top is some what difficult due to its size but if you string your bow between your legs you should be fine, another thing I did not know about this type of bow is that they don’t have nock points on the string, you can image my surprise when I found that out considering I shot with 3 fingers under the arrow, lol, nothing I can’t add my self at some point.

    I ordered the bow from a different web site, but the owner recommended I review the bow here, The site owner seems like a very nice guy and the service was great, his English is not perfect but good enough to understand what he is saying in his emails, great bow, great price, great service, just great, restored my faith in online shopping.

    Thank you.

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