Toth Mongolian recurve bow

Toth Traditional Mongolian recurve bow

Toth Mongolian recurve bow
Toth Mongolian recurve bow
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6 thoughts on “Toth Mongolian recurve bow”

  1. hola soy de mexico me gustaria comprar un arco igual me podrian dar una pagina o lugar donde pueda conprarlo gracias

  2. Hullo Friends!
    Wesley, please, I have a question for you: after so many months of use after the purchase, what do you think of this model? I would like to buy the same bow: this is the reason of the question 🙂
    Many thanks and best regards.

  3. I bought a Toth Mongolian bow about six months ago and I love it. Mine was a 43# 32in. draw. It is simply a work of art it is such a beautiful bow. It shoots nice has a very smooth action considering how much the actual bow is flexing/moving when you release the arrow. Price wise you cant beat it either mine was $245 and that was with shipping from Hungary to California. This is a good HIGH quality Low cost bow. If your looking into traditional archery this is the way to go.

    P.S. make sure you have a rest glove or you’ll be in pain.

  4. You need much practice…do not shoot so many arrows into target at once, you are hitting and damaging good arrows! Shoot less arrows, shoot more often, as your shot placement is very inconsistent…you’re all over the target! Quality not Quantity!!!!
    – Genghis

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