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Military Horses

The horses bred by the most effective mounted archers were used to grazing as opposed to horses that needed grains to feed. Thus the armies of the Huns, Magyars, Mongols, etc. did not need carts to carry food for their horses, making them more mobile than other armies. Moreover, European archers used crossbows, which were

Europian Archery

Europe The energy-storing reflex recurve bow was introduced to Europe by Árpád and his vast army of skilled Magyar warriors during the VI-VIII centuries. Apparently, Venice was built on water so that the Venitians could keep their stolen treasure from the Magyars. However, most of the Magyar treasure was reclaimed and the ancient homeland liberated

Asian Archery

Asia While archery was perfected in the Middle East in order to wage wars more effectively, it gradually became an art of meditation in the Far East. Originally, Japanese samurais were skilled archers before they started using swords for combat and bows for spiritual progress. Japanese bows are asymmetric with a short bottom and a

The Origins

The origins Almost each of earth’s people used bows in their history and individual bow constructions were invented throughout the continents with the only exception of Australia. It is one of the most ancient weapons, an exceptional example of ancient invention, engineering and craftsmanship. Use of the bow affected everyday life. A lot of literature

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